julia bondi


Our Fall Eclipse Season begins on October 25th with a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio at 2 degrees. Most years including 2022 there are 4 Eclipses 6 months apart. Over the course of years, the months, signs and degrees of eclipses move through the months and the Zodiac. On November 8th the Lunar Eclipse will occur in Taurus at 16 degrees. While the new moon and the full moon have their own meaning and purpose as do the two signs in which they occur, they are a pair in relation to one another. I will provide more insight into their relationship as we near November 8th. 

Our ancient ancestors understood the importance of both the Sun and Moon, the masculine sun and the feminine moon, the conscious and subconscious self, the sky and the earth. They appreciated and lived in a world where they felt a part of the cosmos guided by the cycles of the Sun, Moon and additional planets. Our current Sun calendar has advantages in ordering life and months into even 30 day slots yet we know that the tides, biological cycles including women’s menstrual cycles align with the moon cycle. A fuller awareness of the new moon/full moon/eclipse cycles would benefit us in balancing our days, nights, months and years in accordance with our bodies, with time, with more linear and emotional/intuitive integration; a more natural, joyful ease in living.

This Solar Eclipse is the 2nd one in 2022. It will be visible in much of Europe, the Middle East, and some western parts of Asia. Solar Eclipses are indicators of external events as well as our conscious awareness of and response to our inner and outer world. Scorpio is an emotional sign whose receptivity, depth of personal feeling and sensitivity, extraordinary perception of what is real and true, capacity to grow/heal/arise from pain/trauma into contribution/purpose is exceptional as well as necessary to survive and thrive. A similar Solar Eclipse occurred on October 25th, 2014 which is valuable information to explore in understanding this eclipse in our world as well as in our personal lives; especially if this eclipse connects to/aspects one’s individual natal planets. The planetary relationships of this Solar Eclipse are complex – Sun/Moon/Venus conjunct or aligned while Mars is out of alignment with an easy relationship with Neptune and Pluto though aligned with Saturn. Though a thorough delineation of this complexity would take many more words, I suggest the focus that would bring the most insight and expansion is to attune to the gift and joy of Venus (love, attraction, value, pleasure, relationship) bathing us in the universal love and joy that are our birthright while acknowledging that our world is misusing and misdirecting that power of love to seek personal power over others rather than with others, to pit us against each other rather than for one another, to get what I want at your expense. We can change this one person at a time and we must if we are to live in the just, loving, humane world Venus is reminding us can be our future.

All solar eclipses are new beginnings, are moments inviting insight, new awareness, and seeing where we are as a guide to where we can or wish to go in our development and lives. What do you want? Breath in deeply to focus your intent/vision for the next 6 months as well as the next 18 years that we will all be impacted by the direction we choose now. A Solar Eclipse (a particularly empowered new moon) is the in breath of the universe while the Lunar Eclipse (a particularly empowered full moon) to follow in November is the creative power gap between the in breath and the out breath of the universal consciousness. The growing use of plant medicine for the purpose of healing trauma and as a sacred ceremony to become more soulfully present in our own consciousness is a recognition that the physical world is also aware and available to support, guide and partner with us in conscious living. 

How can we understand and fully benefit from the coming Solar Eclipse? The Sun which will be obscured by the Moon is asking/perhaps insisting on our attention to reconnecting our individual power of purpose and destiny with our core purpose in our life. Why are you here? What is your highest vision for your full development of your Self to fulfill that purpose. The Sun is associated with our Will, are we conscious of how we direct our will in order for our Will to serve our purpose. Where do we shine; where do we feel called to shine. What are we radiating into our lives, our world? Draw on your instinctive guidance (listening to your Moon) to pray, meditate, go into ceremony/ ritual in order to infuse your Will with the power of a fully developed, integrated and directed Will to Good. Whatever is taking place in our lives is offering its deep wisdom whether or not we initially assess it to be good or bad; the wisdom is always there to be discovered if we have the courage to look inward with a conscious openness and humility. Step in, step up. Wake up to your power to direct your life knowing that life will include that we seek and understand and that which seems difficult or painful and that we do not yet understand. It is all purposeful to our Soul.