julia bondi


Change is and, historically has been, frightening for most humans. We naturally seek to know who we are, where we have come from, to build on and preserve the life we have built, to know where we are going and how we will get there. Living as we now do in divisive times, in times of economic struggles,  nearing three years of the Covid Pandemic dominating our present and maybe our future, in escalating climate catastrophe throughout the world, triggers our most human fear that there is no safety, no recognizable world to trust. Why is this time so confusing, anxiety provoking and frightening. Is it all going to collapse? Will there be a nuclear war? Where can we find familiarity, predictability and trust in our future? 

The much discussed, anticipated and dismissed Aquarian Age is here. Due to the precession of equinoxes the positions of the stars shift in a systematic way as we observe them from our rotating earth platform. This movement’s cycle in the earth’s axis of rotation is a cycle of 25,772 years. We are ending the Age of Pisces as we enter the Age of Aquarius. These approximately 2,000 year ages end and begin in turmoil. The past is ending whether we want it to or not; the future is moving forward whether we want it to or not. These transitional times are necessarily ones of change, fear, division, anxiety and immense possibility. Here we are at the most powerful time of change in 2,000 years which is often uncomfortable yet always magical. What do we want to create over the next 2,000 years? 

The Age of Pisces has been an age of faith, of love, of spiritual discovery. Jesus taught love as he walked among the ordinary people healing, teaching, modeling faith as he died and resurrected; the Buddha taught the great noble truths of “right” living, soul aligned living, as the path to enlightenment; Abraham taught the central idea of faith in one God whose laws if followed would lead to a good life, to the coming of the savior and the promised land. These examples and many others of this last era are now to be integrated fully in our ability to live faithfully knowing our spiritual life is our greatest truth. 

The Age of Aquarius is one of expansion into a humanity guided and grounded by their chosen faith (which may be a Philosophy or a set of moral beliefs) who now recognize that we can celebrate our differences yet also know ourselves as one member of the great human family. There is no loss of individuality in this embrace of our participation in our full identiy that we are also all one. Aquarius calls us to explore and expand our freedom to become the self that is a true expression of our soul and life purpose. We currently see less identification with religions, tribes, race, political parties, genders, sexual choices, societal norms as we seek to become our own guides. There is an inevitable backlash against this expanding freedom to be our full, chosen selves. Yet this development is going to continue, is the fulfillment of the individual awareness/self-definition that is the necessary prerequisite to be both a conscious individual who not only doesn’t lose or compromise their individuality but enhances it as each of us recognizes their role and responsibilities as a member of the human family. 

The Internet, social media and the global nature of everything is clearly demonstrating that we must continue to have deep, abiding faith in our own truths of who we are while acknowledging that all our issues and problems are global, therefore, their solutions must also be global – energy, economy, climate, individual freedoms, war, food, water. This is our invitation to both an individual identity and a collective identity.