julia bondi


Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the Zodiac, the sign of the Seeker. It is a fire sign dedicated to truth, purpose, adventure and a life of learning through living bravely, courageously. It is the broad expanse of a fully experienced life, a life of seeking our best, highest potential. Fire goes for it, is all in for life. Where could we benefit from taking a risk, choosing an adventure that is on our “bucket list”, reaching for a more expanded future? This is the sign of a wild life that isn’t restricted, constrained or defined by obligation. Normally the New Moon is a time to set intentions, to begin anew, to expand our sense of what is possible, and to allow us to believe in our grandest dreams. 

And yet, Mars is retrograde which seems to conflict with “going for it” in a period of inner review. Happily, the Sun is conjunct Mercury and Venus at this New Moon inviting us into a conscious recognition of our own beauty and wise intelligence. The Sun is the life-giver of our solar system as it is in Astrological symbolism. This New Moon in abundant Sagittarius is embracing us with the inherent, soulful beauty of our world, the renewal of our love of life, earth, connection and contribution. Mars has provided the motivation to look inward for the beauty, intelligence and vital life we seek. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, as the largest planet in our solar system signals the expanded heart and mind that would be the truest voice of our highest self. We can begin again with more understanding, more grace and more joy. 

Each New Moon is followed by a Full Moon two weeks later when we can see the fruits of our New Moon intentions, the achievements of the intention we set, however, our longer term intentions will become more actualized in six months when the Full Moon is in Sagittarius.